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Phase 3 Expansion Project
Project Overview

The Chino Desalter Phase 3 Expansion will provide operational flexibility, increase efficiency, and allow the agency to increase the available water supply. The project will help the Chino Basin Watermaster achieve hydraulic control of the Chino Basin to reduce or eliminate migration of brackish groundwater from the southern section of the basin into the Santa Ana River. The project will also address salinity issues that could limit future use of recycled water in the Chino Basin.

Chino Desalter Phase 3 Comprehensive Predesign Report (PDR)

  PDR Cover and Table of Contents
  Section 1: Introduction
  Section 2: Groundwater and Wells
  Section 3: Raw Water Pipelines
  Section 4: Chino Desalters
  Section 5: Concentrate Disposal Facilities
  Section 6: Product Water Facilities
  Section 7: Permits
  Section 8: Cost Estimates


  Appendix A: Well Field
  Appendix B: Well Pumps
  Appendix C: Water Quality
  Appendix D: Desalters
  Appendix E: Concentrate
  Appendix F: Product Water
  Appendix G: Costs
  Appendix H: Comments